Honda Izy HRG 536C9 VKEH Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

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  • The new Honda Izy HRG 536(C9) VK(EH) lawn mower features Honda's latest Euro-5 compliant, four-stroke GCVx 170 engine. These new engines offer enhanced combustion by creating stronger turbulence inside the chamber, while also being more tolerant to lower quality fuels. All Honda Izys have a new Auto Choke system, offering improved temperature sensing and choke optimisation, for easier starting in the most challenging conditions. 
  • It is powered by an OHC 4-stroke Honda GCVx170 167 cc engine which is ultra reliable and very powerful. The new GCVx engine is environmentally friendly as well as economical and clean. The new quieter blade design also reduces noise by a fantastic 30%.
  • Being self propelled it eliminates the back-breaking efforts of having to hand push the mower.
  • The recoil start is virtually effortless thanks to the auto choke system which creates a perfectly easy start no matter what the weather conditions.
  • It comes with a large 66 litre grass collection bag which means less trips to empty as you mow. When you remove the grass bag to empty it, a built in rear shield will drop down to protect your legs.
  • With a high quality steel deck, it is incredibly robust and durable. The rounded design of the deck provides optimal airflow for excellent grass collection. It also means that it is incredibly easy to clean as there are no hidden areas for wet grass to stick too. 



Versamow™ selective mulching

With a single lever, Honda’s Versamow™ system will either collect the grass cuttings into the bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser.


All of our products are powered by world class Honda engines so you can be assured of reliable starting and low maintenance. All of our lawnmowers run on unleaded petrol.

Low noise

Our R&D team have designed a patented low noise blade (-0.5dB(A)) compared to traditional blades. With a combination of engine and cutter deck design, its noise level is 30% under the current EU standard.


  • Variable speed power drive - No more pushing. Let this 21" powered Izy lawn mower do all the work for you!
  • Powerful and reliable 167cc GCVx170 engine - Overhead cam design and powerful torque across a wide RPM range. Easy to start.
  • Selective mulching - Huge 66 litre grass bag
  • Folding handle - Allows storage in the smallest of spaces.
  • Easy on the environment - Economical, clean, powerful and reliable GCVx170 4-stroke engine and quieter blade design gives new Izy a 30% reduction in noise.
  • Easy starting - Auto Choke System ensures the perfect start even in cold weather.
  • Adjustable cut - Easy to adjust lever gives you a choice of six cutting heights.
  • Easy-to-manoeuvre - Thanks to double ball-bearings and extra-wide no-slip wheels manoeuvrability is easier than ever.
  • Durable deck - High quality, durable steel cutter deck. The rounded design also provides optimal airflow for outstanding grass collection, as well as easy cleaning with no nooks and crannies for wet grass to stick to.
  • Easy cutting - Easy starting, high torque engine means reduced risk of clogging of grass, no matter how thick it is.


The cutter deck is built tough to go on and on. Our manufacturing process adds all round strength to the cutter deck, because it’s formed in a press from a single sheet of steel. Then we paint it with a powder coating process that leaves a tough, durable finish that’s resistant to corrosion and UV ray deterioration.

Strong handles

The handles are fixed to the cutter deck by a strong supporting arms at the side and won't flex or bend during use. They can be quickly fixed into position when you need to start work, or folded down to save space when stored away in the shed or garage.


Honda was first to use this type of engine on lawnmowers and it still can't be beaten.

With years of experience and research building engines, we’ve designed a light 4-stroke motor that sits at the heart of the IZY mowers. It delivers solid, reliable power with lower and cleaner emissions. It has an auto choke system, which adopts the same technology you’ll find in Honda cars and motorbikes.

Green economy

The engines are the lightest and most compact of their type. They’re incredibly easy to start because of a super-light flywheel and a new soft grip recoil handle for added comfort. Both features make sure the job isn't like an unplanned gym workout!




All IZY mowers have high airflow collection bags.

As the rotating blade cuts the grass it generates the airflow, which is important for the collecting process. The low air pressure creates a vacuum effect – literally sucking up the clippings – directing them through to the collection bag at the rear.

Dust free

We created a special material for our collection bags, depending on which mower you choose. Made with an ultra-fine mesh they maximise the collecting process without affecting the airflow and can stop even the finest dust particles from getting through. 


You'll soon see noticeable results from mulching.

The HRG 536 SMART Drive® IZY lawnmowers have a simple Versamow™ selective mulching switch that opens or closes a door at the back of the cutter deck.

Easy to fit mulching kit

On other selected IZY lawnmowers, it's possible to mulch by using the optional mulching kit. 

0% less noise means it's IZY-er to live with

As with all Honda products, protecting the environment is always an important consideration. With noise pollution regulations spreading throughout Europe, noise reduction is a key item for consumers of petrol lawnmowers.

Auto choke innovation means it's IZY-er to use

As a result of their research a thermo wax assembly now opens and closes the choke valve automatically inside the intake manifold of all new Izy models. When the engine temperature is low (i.e., when starting from cold) the choke valve is closed; once the engine has warmed up, the choke valve opens.

Following engine start, the thermo wax assembly operates by receiving heat from the engine block moving the choke link to the open position. When the engine temperature cools, or when some time has passed during operation and choking is necessary, the thermo wax assembly will be returned to its initial position by the return spring. This moves the choke link to the closed position. In addition to simpler mowing, the innovative auto choke device also improves performance because the correct carburettor settings are automatically controlled and achieved with greater efficiency.


Technical Data-


Brand Honda
Power Source Petrol
Power Details Honda GCVx170, 1 cylinder, OHC 4-stroke, air-forced cooled, overhead camshaft, 167 cc
Engine make Honda
Transmission Variable Speed SMART Drive®
Starting Method Recoil
Design Wheeled
Cutter Deck Steel
Cutting Width 53 cm
Cutting Heights 28-102mm
Number Cutting Heights 6
Propulsion Self-Propelled
Collector 66 litres
Noise Value - Sound Power Level dB(A) 98
Weight 34 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1534 x 582 x 1014
Warranty 5 Years Domestic / 1 Year Commercial (Terms apply)
Power Cable Length No
Other Features Versamow Selective Mulching

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