Jasic JP-45P Welder with Compressor Package!

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Jasic Plasma Cutter 45 Amps

This 45 Amp plasma cutter is a highly competent machine with 15mm clean cut and 20mm severance. Not only will this machine be able to cut confidently on this thickness of material it is also backed up with a 5 year warranty!

When plasma cutting you are probably looking to save time and money, this machine will save you even more thanks to PFC (Power Factor Correction). PFC provides substantial savings over other plasma cutting machines which have not been power factor corrected. 

This machine comes complete with a plasma euro torch fitting and a PT60 torch which not only offers you a superb cut, it also means that consumables are affordable compared to other manufacturers who lock you into buying expensive consumable parts. 

As mentioned in the short description you will require a compressed air supply - so long as your compressor can supply 170 lpm for the length of time you will be cutting then you do not need to invest in a new compressor. If you do require a compressor we can also supply this for you.

Key Features
IGBT Plasma Inverter - Not a standard MMA inverter. 
Light weight - Just 9kg makes this machine truly a portable plasma cutter.
Variable Cutting Control - Not just a one setting does everything like you get on cheaper machines.
Simple Operation - No messing, just cutting.
Smooth Precise Cutting - Less cleaning up of the cut areas is required.

Technical Info
Input Voltage 230V @ 50/60 Hz
Input Power (kVA) 5.1
Input Current (A) 20
Efficiency (%) 80
Current Range (A) 20-45
Duty Cycle  45 A @ 35%
Clean Cut Capacity (mm) 15
Severance Cut Capacity (mm) 20
Power Factor  0.99
Protection / Insulation Class IP21S/F
Compressed Air Requirement 170 lpm (0.45 Mpa)
Dimensions (mm) 439 x 165 x 328
Weight (kg) 9.2

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